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Strangest Scented Beauty Products From Mildew To Cat Food

A new bacon flavoured shaving cream has hit the shelves of the UK making us all say what? J&D Foods has a whole line of pork inspired products from shaving cream to lip balm, but they are not alone in the world of strange scented beauty products. If you are sick of traditional flowers and vanilla, pick up one of these other interesting scents.

Beetroot, Earthworm and Mildew from Demeter Fragrances

We are absolutely in love with Demeter’s fragrance collections, so until we smell these we aren’t going to judge. That said, we can’t really imagine how this is going to smell good. Beetroot might be ok, but really who thought that earthworm and mildew fragrances were a good idea?

Pizza Hut Perfume

We told you before about the new dough scented perfume from Pizza Hut. We didn’t get one of the limited edition perfumes, but can just imagine it making us hungry all day long.

Etat Libre D’Orange Secretions Magnifiques

The description of this men’s cologne calls it “disturbing” with the smell of “blood, sweat, sperm and saliva.” We aren’t sure if we are brave enough to smell this one.

Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food Scented Soap

We love our kitty, but not enough that we want to smell like their food to attract us. It would be a hilarious gag gift.

Eggnog Soap

Extend the holiday season with soap that smells like delicious eggnog. We imagine the creamy flavor of eggnog might actually work in the bath, so bring it on.

Beer Soap

Beer is actually said to be very good for your hair and skin, so now you can get a variety of different flavours of beer soap to invigorate your beauty routine. Those looking for organic solutions can find many organic beer soaps available.

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