Get Nina Dobrev’s Katherine Pierce Hair From The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev has the challenging task of playing two very different characters on The Vampire Diaries. There’s Elena, the all-American teenage girl, and her look-alike Katherine Pierce, a vampire who goes back all the way to the American Civil War era. Although Elena and Katherine are each other’s doppelganger, the big difference in their look, of course, is the Katherine’s big, volumous hair, in contrast to Elena’s girl-next-door straight hair. Part of what helps Nina Dobrev make the transformation from Elena to Katherine is her hair makeover. There’s something about Katherine’s big, bold curls that help Nina slip into Katherine’s more villainous character.

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Check out this tutorial from The Vampire Diaries’ Hair Department Head Daniel Curet on how to get Nina Dobrev’s hair as Katherine Pierce.

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