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Fake Braces Trend Explodes In Asia – Hello Kitty Braces, Anyone?

We love a good beauty innovation or fashion trend, but the latest accessories craze to take over Asia leaves a lot to be desired. Teenagers in China, Indonesia, and Thailand are wearing fake braces and sporting them as fashion statements. Sure, when we were 10 years old, we’d often temporarily make our gum into braces, but that was before we had actual braces and realized they were more of a painful reminder that we weren’t blessed with perfectly straight teeth than they were a hot accessory. Yes, even using coloured bands on your braces grows old after about a week or two.

The fake braces that are available on the black market in Southeast Asia come in a crazy assortment of styles, from Hello Kitty braces to Mickey Mouse braces. Teens can usually purchase them for about $100 a pair, which is considerably less than real braces, which cost thousands of dollars over time. Fake braces are kind of like a knock-off Louis Vuitton bag for some teens — a status symbol, even if they’re not the real deal up close.

Unfortunately, black market braces in Asia, while they seem harmless, have actually led to some teens getting infections inside their mouths, sometimes leading to death. Two teens have allegedly died from fake braces-related infections so far. After the doughnut head trend in Japan, however, we tend to get less and less surprised by the lengths the next generation is willing to go to for the sake of being fashionable. We’ll just stick to faux fur accessories this season though.

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