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Breakthrough Moisturizer With NASA Technology (Seriously)

IOMA’s Youth Booster moisturizer is taking high-tech beauty products to the next level. The moisturizer contains the same MEMS technology as the Curiosity robot, the same robot that NASA is using to explore the planet Mars. So what’s so great about that? Well, IOMA Youth Booster moisturizer allows users to measure their skin’s hydration levels using the same technology that the Curiosity robot uses to measure gas in Mars’ atmosphere. Crazy, right? More like genius. The bottle cap actually has a sensor that you can hold up to your skin, which will then tell you how hydrated or dehyrated your skin is based on how many LED lights appear. More than three lights means you need to apply IOMA Youth Booster twice a day instead of just once. Although IOMA products are only currently available in North America at SAKS in New York and Los Angeles, they’re available for online orders to the United States and hopefully soon in Canada. After all, the products are out of this world!

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Photo Courtesy of: IOMA

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