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7 Surprising Reasons Why Your Lips Are Chapped

Why, oh why, does wintertime always seem to mean we’ve got a serious case of chapped lips? It turns out, it’s more than just the cold weather that’s at play. Here are 7 surprising reasons why your lips are chapped.

1. You’re Over-Exfoliating
We know, we know. Exfoliating is supposed to give you super soft skin, and it does, and we’re big fans of products like LUSH’s sugar scrub, Sweet Lips. That said, you can actually do damage to your lips if you over-exfoliate, even with your face wash. If you remove too much skin, your lips won’t be able to lock in moisture. Exfoliate in moderation.

2. You’re Using A Wax Lip Balm
All lip balms are not created equal. Wax based lip balms don’t provide the same amount of protection as petroleum-based lip balms.

3. Your Lip Balm Is A Little Too Flavourful
There’s been a debate about whether or not people can actually get addicted to lip balm for years, but the truth is, over-applying can be a sign that you’re wearing lip balm for the wrong reasons. If you’re applying a flavoured lip balm and constantly licking your lips, you’re actually doing more damage than good to your pout because the salt from your saliva is drying out the skin on your lips. If you can’t fight the urge, we suggest going flavourless.

4) You Need To Drink More Water
Sure, you’ve heard that drinking water is beneficial to your skin, and that includes your lips! Why would it be any different? Try to get at least 8 glasses in a day and avoid drinking too much alcohol, since alcohol dehydrates your body.

5) You’re Stressed
We all have nervous habits that tend to creep up on us in stressful times, and sometimes we’re not even aware that we’re doing them. Many people bite their lips when they’re feeling under pressure, and this nervous habit doesn’t make for a pretty pout. Even biting your nails tends to unintentionally coat your lips with saliva, which dries out your pout. Invest in a stress ball or opt for a piece of gum instead.

6) Your Lip Gloss Contains Cinnamates
Cinnamates, which are often used in lip plumpers to add a bit of fragrance, actually have a drying effect on the skin. Opt for an unscented lip balm or gloss to avoid drying out your lips.

7) You’re Breathing Out Of Your Mouth
We know it’s flu season, and it’s easier said than done, but when you breathe out of your mouth instead of your nose, you’re just asking for chapped lips. Get a decongestant and work on getting your nose back in fighting shape so your lips don’t have to feel under the weather too.

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