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Last Minute New Year’s Ever Hairstyles

Just because you made last minute New Year’s Eve plans doesn’t mean you can’t be the center of attention tonight. Some of our favourite hairstyles of 2012 require little time and even less know-how. Here are our top last-minute New Year’s Eve hairstyles 2012.

The Low Side Ponytail
You’d think it would be virtually impossible to breathe new life into the ponytail, but not so! From slicked back high ponytails to casual-cool ponies, the ponytail took the red carpet by storm in 2012 with everyone from model of the year Cara Delevingne to next wave fashion darlings like Blake Lively giving the ponytail a glam makeover. One of our favourite ways to make the ponytail glamourous is with a low side pony, which Kirsten Dunst rocked on the red carpet in 2012. The best part is: it looks and holds better if your hair was shampooed the day before and not the day of. It’s up to you whether or not you want to use hairspray for a little extra hold, but all you have to do to achieve the low side pony is gather your hair with both hands, pull it to the left or the right and tie an elastic around it. Just make sure your not raising your hair horizontally while putting the elastic in place, as it might look a little ’80s cheerleader if you give it an unintentional lift. Hold your hair close to the side of your neck when securing the elastic to make sure it’s where you want it to be for the night. We suggest wrapping a small piece of your hair around the elastic to cover it up or hiding under a super glam accessory.

The Easiest Updo: The Sock Bun
We told you all about this look yesterday in our post on New Year’s Eve hairstyles, but it still makes our list of best last minute hairstyles today simply because you can master it in less than three minutes, and also because you can make your sock bun at home if you don’t have time to hit the mall. All you will need is a sock, a pair of scissors and some bobby pins. Hairspray is optional but recommended for straight hair that tends not to stay put. Women with curly hair will actually have an easier time rocking the sock bun. Here’s how!

Beach Waves
If you’ve got a curling iron and about 30 minutes on your hands, you can easily give yourself drop-dead-gorgeous beach waves that look old Hollywood fabulous. When you curled one section of your hair in one direction, make sure to curl the next piece beside it going in the opposite direction (when you curl your hair all in the same direction, you’ll get more of a flapper-worthy look that, while still gorgeous, is not what we’re going for here). When you’re all done, shake out your hair with your fingers and scatter the curls around your head before spritzing with hairspray. Voila — beach curls!

Hair Accessories
If you’re planning a long night on the town, why not let a hair accessory do all the work instead of hoping your hairstyle holds all night? Tie your hair in a simple bun or leave it down and top it off with a wow factor hair accessory that will make it look like you’ve been planning your New Year’s Eve hair for months. Check out our favourite hair pieces for the holiday season in our post, Sparkle In Affordable Holiday Hair Accessories.

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