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Drug Store Gem Gifts For Her

Long gone are the days when doing your last minute Christmas shopping at the drug store meant that you had somehow failed in life. These days, Shoppers Drug Mart is on par with some of our favourite department stores when it comes to having a full-fledged beauty department. If you find yourself with a few extra friends on your shopping list that you’ve yet to buy gifts for, here are some last minute gift ideas from Shoppers that will look like you finished your shopping weeks ago.

Fragrance Sampler & Certificate For Her, $75
One of our absolute favourite Christmas gift ideas this year is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart, so you have to make a trip there if you want to pick it up, anyway. The Fragrance Sampler & Certificate For Her (there’s one available for the guys in your life too) has 10 different samples of fragrances available at Shoppers Drug Mart, from Burberry Body to Lacoste Love of Pink. Inside the box, there’s also a scent certificate that lets your loved one redeem the coupon for a full-size bottle of her favourite fragrance from the 10 samples in the box on her next trip to Shoppers. This is the most innovative way ever to buy someone a fragrance if you’re not sure exactly what scent she’ll like!

Marc Jacobs Dot Set, $85
Marc Jacobs Dot fragrance of 2012 was one of the most exciting fragrance launches of the year. What better way to show the beauty product-obsessed girl on your list that you’re in-the-know than with with Marc Jacobs Dot Gift Set, which includes a eau de parfum splash (50 ml), body lotion (75 ml) and shaving gel (75 ml)?

The Color Institute Perfect Images, $69.99
Maybe you have a budding makeup artist in your family or a girl who’s 15 going on 30. The Color Institute Perfect Images makeup case has everything a girl who’s looking to build a substantial beauty collection needs to keep her makeup fresh and innovative all year long, and it’s a steal at just under $70.

Homedics Total Microdermabrasion System, $34.99
From teens to women in their 30s, everyone’s always looking to improve their skin, and we’re obsessed with this Homedics Total Microdermabrasion System, since it makes washing our face just a little more thrilling… and it’s an unexpected bu totally appreciated gift.

Quo Master Brush Set, $60
Everyone can use a new brush set, and this 10-brush set from Quo comes with a gorgeous sequined bag that you can either store them in our use as your everyday makeup bag.

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Photos Courtesy of: Shoppers Drug Mart

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