Give Your Bestie The Gift Of Beauty From $8 To $80

Must-give is the new must-have. Isn’t your best girl the best BFF of all besties? Whether or not you’ve dubbed your best friend one of these pet names, or she is simply too special to put into words, you’re probably feeling extra lucky to have her during the holidays. After all, who else is there to shop with you at the drop of a dime (or 1000 dimes), listen to your family drama, and help you pick out the perfect sappy card for your boyfriend? The beauty of a best friend is priceless, but show yours how beautiful she makes your life with any one of these affordable makeup, skin and body must-gives.

1. A Smashbox Softbox palette in holiday-perfect smoky tones of wine, copper, sage and vanilla make this the gift of all gifts. And who knows, maybe she’ll let you borrow it next time you doll-up together.

2. Fresh Sugar Cubes in lychee offer your BFF the relaxing bath-time she deserves, with the sweet added bonus of shea butter, skin-comforting aloe, rich wheat germ oil and vitamins A and E.

3. La Vie Est Belle, and so is your meilleure amie. This joyous, feminine fragrance from Lancome is delightful, and your dear friend will think of how beautiful you make her life whenever she wears it.

4. Set In Stones by Essie is the perfect way to show your BFF that diamonds come a close second as a girl’s best friend. The diamond-like polish will twinkle for her to enjoy all season.

5. Diorshow Mini Duo, because quite simply, you’re an amazing duo and this is one amazing mascara. Her eyelashes will never be the same, and she’ll have you- her partner in your duo- to thank.

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