Don’t Make These Top Hair Mistakes

We all try to treat our hair right by giving it the best treatment, but not everything we do ensures our hair is at its best. Real Style Network asked P&G’s hair experts Dr. Rolanda Johnson Wilkerson, skin and hair scientist for Herbal Essences and Head & Shoulders, and Dr. Jeni Thomas, scientist for Pantene Pro-V what the top mistakes women make on their hair are. You might be surprised that you are making these mistakes.

1. Trimming your own bangs – There is nothing more tempting than reaching for scissors when your bangs have gotten a bit too long and you cannot seem to get an appointment with your stylist. However, you can potentially do more harm than good, ask any woman with a blatantly apparent uneven fringe. Most stylists offer free bang trims. Take advantage.

2. Coloring your hair at home – With box dye you never know what you are going to get – a brown shade may look black on one person and red on another. And the majority of the time a box dye job results in a major color correction in the salon. There goes your money saved.

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3. Styling without professional tools – whether it be inexpensive blow dryers or flat irons, you are damaging your hair by using them. Cheap irons can break your cuticle as you smooth it over your hair, and inexpensive blow dryers offer little to no heat control. Splurge on professional tools – they will last much longer and keep your hair healthy.

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