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Cold Weather Hair Care Tips

The cold weather is upon us, which means the frigid temperatures, indoor heat and hats are about to take their toll on our hair, if we’re not careful. Here are some helpful tips to follow to keep your hair healthy during the coming winter months.

1. Deep condition every third wash: It goes without saying that you should always use conditioner, even if you think you’re prone to greasy hair. You can always find a light conditioner to keep your tresses moisturized. In the winter months, we recommend using a deep conditioner every third wash, like Nina Dobrev, who has gorgeously long and healthy locks. Nina only washes her hair three times a week and uses either a Keratin treatment, Softa Treatment by Unite, or a hair mask by MoroccanOil to deep condition her hair every third wash. “Sometimes I put the hair mask on and a shower cap on top and drive like that to work,” Nina told “I look like an old lady! It’s been a dream of mine to be a L’Oreal or Pantene girl. That’s why I’m keeping it healthy —and long — until they ask me. That’s my incentive.” Make sure to comb the deep conditioner into your hair while you let it work its magic, so that it reaches every inch of your tresses. When you’re finished, add a leave-in conditioner or heat protector for extra protection.

2. Change your shampoo and shampoo regime: At the end of the day, the less you wash your hair, the healthier it will be. Not only does shampoo strip hair of natural oils, it doesn’t help that continually using heat to dry and style hair wreaks constant havoc on hair shafts. Fortunately, there are so many exceptional dry shampoos on the market these days that make refreshing your roots a breeze without taking away from your style. Some of them are even styling aids! Check out our post on 5 Secrets Styling Tips With Dry Shampoo to learn more! When you do shampoo, pick one that’s designed specifically to be gentle, like BANGSTYLE Hydrating Shampoo, which contains keratin amino acids to leave your hair protected. Bonus points: it smells great!

3. Use metal-free elastics: Lines like Twist Band Hair Ties make awesome metal-free elastics that won’t rip and break dry winter hair. Ever notice how you tend to have a lot of breakage where your ponytail line is? That has a lot to do with strands getting caught in the metal part of old school elastics. Since hair tends to be more dry in the winter months, don’t risk doing extra damage.

4. Get a silk pillowcase: Silk pillowcases are woven more closely together than traditional cotton pillowcases, so the fibers are actually more gentle on your hair. Not only will silk pillowcases extend the life of a good straightening job by not messing with your style, they also help prevent hair breakage, especially if you’re the type of person who tosses and turns during the night.

5. Wash your hair at night: If you’re blow-drying your hair simply to avoid going out into the cold in the morning with wet hair, why not start washing your hair in the evening instead? This way, you can let it air-dry to avoid further damage. Add a little bounce to it with a curling iron in the morning, or cut out the blow-drying step that normally comes before your flat iron regime. It will do your hair a ton of good to cut back on the heat that you apply to it.

6. Eat Omega-3 rich foods like fish: This is more of a long-term solution, but if you eat better, your hair will be more healthy to begin with. Making sure to have salmon or mackerel once or twice a week will do wonders for your hair’s health in the long run. You can also opt for a daily supplement available at most pharmacies. You’re hair will not only be healthier, it will look shiner. We can’t argue with that!

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Photo Courtesy of: Moroccan Oil

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