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Calorie-Free Diet Trend – Le Whaf

Diet trends in Hollywood never surprise us. Remember the strange chew-and-spit trend from about a decade ago that gained attention on Sex & the City? Yeah, we’re trying to forget that too. The latest diet trend is slightly more palatable, at least metaphorically speaking. In reality, it kind of just skims your palate in a very strange way. The newest culinary breakthrough, called “Le Whaf,” lets people literally inhale their food, and it’s 100% calorie-free. Although we expect most calorie-free trends to hit Hollywood first, Le Whaf, which got started in France, is actually gaining a lot of attention right here in Canada… in Ottawa, to be exact.

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Chef Norman Aitken of Ottawa’s Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar has been introducing customers to Le Whaf for quite some time now. Although patrons of his restaurant still order edible meals, he invites them all to actually inhale their food as a bit of an appetizer. “Le Whaf is a vase with, essentially, ultrasound in the bottom of it,” says Chef Norm Aitken. “There’s three small probes that agitate the liquid fast enough to create a vapor.” Chef Aitken serves the calorie-free course on the house. Check out the video below to see for yourself!

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Photo Courtesy of: YouTube

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