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Vampire Facelift Now Needle Free

You have probably heard about the vampire facelift before, as this beauty breakthrough with the eerie name got lots of buzz for its unorthodox treatment. Now doctors have found a way to provide you with the same spooky vampire facelift without needles.

The original vampire facelift using your own blood to fill out your face for a plumper, younger look much like Bella will be getting in Breaking Dawn Part 2 when she becomes a vampire. Doctors would inject the blood under your skin using needles much like other anti-aging treatments. Now people who are afraid of needles can get the same procedure without fear. Doctors have found a new laser treatment to do the same thing. They use a laser which makes thousands of tiny in your skin to inject the blood using an ultrasound probe.

The new laser treatment is said to be much less invasive and less painful, although patients who have undergone the treatment report that it is not completely pain free.

This treatment claims to remove deep lines and wrinkles in your skin and has less risk of side effects because they are using your own blood in the treatment.

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