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The Return of Bold Brows

We love updated versions of old beauty trends! Big brows are back, and they’re bolder than ever. If Ali McGraw was the poster girl for big, naturally bushy brows in the ’70s,  Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale represents the 21st century manifestation of the bold brow trend. Given that over-plucking has fallen out of favour a long time ago, most modern day women have enough natural brow to work with to achieve the bushy brow look. Nevertheless, we can all use a little extra enhancement from beauty products and makeup tricks. Here are some tips to achieve dramatic brows a la Lucy and Ali.

• When going for a stronger brow remember to follow you natural shape, and fill sparse areas in with a powder or a pencil. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to completely draw on your brows — they will just end up looking severe and out of place. There are lots of great brow kits available. One of the most famous is the $39 Anastasia “Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes” kit. It comes in two colours: blond and brown.

• After filling in your brow make sure to go over them with a clean spoolie brush. This will add texture and help you to achieve a more natural finish.

• Lastly, when picking your brow colour, be sure choose the right shade. It’s recommended that if you have blond hair you choose a shade that just a slightly darker. Alternately, if you have dark hair, it’s best to go a shade lighter.

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Photos Courtesy of: Highway Films (Ali McGraw) and ABC (Lucy Hale)

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