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The Latest Must-Have Eye Cream: Circ-Cell Blood Serum

In today’s beauty news, we’re sharing info on the latest must-have beauty product. Circ-Cell ABO Blood Serum has been selling out ever since its release and the must-have eye serum is definitely a little different than your typical eye treatment product.

Circ-Cell Blood Serum was actually modeled after scientists’ attempts to create a synthetic blood substitute (don’t worry, it doesn’t contain real blood). It’s a rejuvenating eye gel that harnesses a blend of oxygen-rich ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark, under-eye circles.

A healthy blood supply is critical in delivering oxygen, purging carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, keeping cells nourished, and maintaining vibrant, healthy skin. As we age, research suggests stagnant circulation in the eye area leads to thinning collagen and a reduction in elastin fibers – the structural steel of the skin.

In a piece done by The New York Times, Melanie Simon the creator of the Circ-Cell line shared her thoughts on the product. “Everyone thought it was complete insanity,” admits Melanie Simon, the celebrity facialist, of her new Circ-Cell ABO Blood Serum, a somewhat eerily named eye gel said to mimic certain functions of human blood topically with the help of powerful perfluorocarbons. “As we get older, our blood vessels break down and become increasingly unable to deliver nutrients to our tissues and metabolize waste,” she says. ABO Blood is targeted to the under-eye area, specifically dark circles and puffy or crepe-y skin, but Simon slathers it over her entire face. “It’s especially great for city dwellers,” she says. “If you press it in after your skin-care regimen, it will lock in your products, protect your skin from the environment and feed it, all at the same time.”

Sound too good to be true? We’ll be sure to share our review of the Circ-Cell Blood Serum soon!

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