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The Best Twilight Beauty Products

With Breaking Dawn: Part 2 set to be released in theatres this week, fans of the series will be lining up at cinemas around the country for another adventure with Bella, Edward, and their baby Renesmee. If you’re a Twilight lover, you definitely won’t want to miss out on these themed makeup collections and products – perfect for re-creating the dark and vampy looks of Bella, Alice, Esme, and Rosalie.

Essence Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Collection

Currently available exclusively in the US and in Europe, this one might require a bit of cross border shopping – or a plane ticket, depending on your budget! Luckily, the products themselves are all inexpensive so you can afford that long distance shopping venture. The gorgeous collection features a range of shades as eternally classic as the human-vampire romance of the series itself. With blood red lip colour, shimmer powder for a mysterious glow, and blush in a vibrant rouge known as “Renesmee Red”, the collection is certainly accurate. Get the look with smoky eyes in charcoal grey, an eerie gold, or almost black with the set of loose eyeshadow shades. If vampirical eyes aren’t for you, Essence’s collection also includes dramatic nail polishes, and a golden shimmer lipstick which hopefully lives up to its name (“A Piece of Forever”).

DuWop Twilight Lip Venom
Available online and at Sephora locations, this bright crimson lip plumping gloss promises lips as lush as Alice’s –  without the price of becoming a vampire yourself! DuWop’s Venom comes enriched with cinnamon (which results in a tingling feeling, sensation to the lips, and temporary fullness). With the Twilight-style packaging and blood-like colour, don’t let this one give you too much of a scare –  you may not wake up immortal, but it will leave your lips conditioned, soft, and healthy!

Twilight Beauty- Luna, Immortal, and Volturi Twilight Collections

Available online through the official Twilight Beauty website, the three collections all feature a great range of products and colours. Try the Luna Gleam Metallic Mascara for eyes that the Edward in your life will love, or the Mortal Glow Blushing Crème from the Volturi line. Twilight Beauty also includes a Bella Swan fragrance in a charming dark purple bottle, and gift sets, inspired by the ethereal beauty of Victoria, Alice, Jane, and Rosalie. With sleek dark packaging and the Twilight franchise logo embossed in gold, these promise to be a hit with any Twilight fans on your list this holiday!

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Photos Courtesy of: Essence, DuWop & Twilight Beauty

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