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New Collagen Drinks To Look Younger

When it comes to anti-aging and looking younger, women will try just about anything! New beauty drinks on the market are promising to boost collagen in the skin with a few sips.

These drinks are already popular in South America, Asia and Europe. Even big names in beauty such as Shiseido have developed their own beauty drinks. Shiseido’s is called The Collagen and is also available in a powder and tablet. You can get it on Amazon for around $40 for 126g.

There is also the Pure Gold Collagen which comes in a liquid supplement for. It promises to perfect your skin from within and be more powerful than a pill version. It is recommended that you drink one bottle every day for 12 weeks for maximum results and then one every 2-3 days for maintenance. You can buy 10 bottles for approximately $57.

Doctors are calling this trend a scam. According to one doctor who was interviewed in the Daily Mail, he says that there is no reason for these drinks to work since the collagen is broken down in your stomach. It doesn’t get to your skin that way. There are vitamins in the drink that are beneficial to the body such as vitamin C and E.

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