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Low Calorie Holiday Cocktails

For many of us, it simply wouldn’t be the holidays with out some sort of seasonal cocktail. Then in comes the challenge, how do you keep your fitness in check without feeling like your depriving yourself? Well, that’s easy; make some of these revamped versions of your traditional holiday favourites! They’re light, delicious and just as indulgent!

Light Eggnog

Eggnog is full of calories: a one-cup serving has around 340 calories and up to 21 grams of sugar! Don’t get us wrong, we love eggnog and it’s great to enjoy the real thing from time to time, but that kind of calorie count might not be worth it if you’ve already been noshing on one too many holiday treats. This light eggnog recipe comes from everyone’s favourite skinny girl chefs, Bethany Frankel. Not only does it taste super rich, but it’s only 148 calories per serving!

Rosemary Pear Sparkler

Pears are super abundant during the winter months, and this pear sparkler is the best way to make use of seasonal foods. This recipe is fresh and light, and the rosemary and pear combination is delightfully unexpected, if you serve this up at your next holiday get together your guests will surly be impressed.

Hot Apple Cider with Rum

Hot apple cider is sweet and savory, definitely a favourite among those celebrating this time of year. This hot apple cider and rum recipe features fresh ingredients making it a rather healthy choice for those aiming to stick with whole natural ingredients. If you decide to give this recipe a try we recommend serving it in beautiful grand mugs, we swear the presentation makes the drink taste even better!

Pomegranate Cocktail

Pomegranate juice is tart and exotic, and this pomegranate cocktail recipe is just that! If you can get the fresh pressed we recommend it, as it makes all the difference! But this recipe is still very delicious with a pre-squeezed store bought version; just make sure to get pure pomegranate juice with no extra add-ins.

Blood Orange French 75
The Blood Orange French 75 recipe is an update on the classic champagne-gin cocktail looks super pretty and festive. Make sure to garnish with a slice of fresh blood orange. Citrus is in season, the juicy red color makes the drink all that more inciting!

Cranberry Sparkler
This time of year it doesn’t get more festive than cranberries. Don’t let this little red berries fool you; they may be small but they are absolutely brimming with flavour and antioxidants! We love that this cranberry sparkler recipe incorporates white cranberries, which is something you don’t often see, and the addition of the blackberry puree is really makes it burst with sweet tartness!

Photo Courtesy of: Cheese Please by Jess