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Ke$ha Stuns With New Glamourous White Blonde Hair

Although Ke$ha is known for her trademark stringy blonde hair, Ke$ha actually had one of the most talked about looks of the night last night at the American Music Awards, mainly because she was far more glamourous than we’ve ever seen her before. The singer pulled a Courtney Love on us by proving that she can look just as refined as anyone else in Hollywood by rocking Gwen Stefani-esque white blonde hair. Although Ke$ha is known for her bedhead hair, the singer opted to have her locks smoothed out and even added a slight wave to her one-tone blonde hair.

In the past, Ke$ha has gone to the American Music Awards with some of the most outrageous hairstyles of the night, including a wild fauxhawk back in 2010. We love that she’s actually being innovative with her desire to shock by going for something we totally don’t expect from her: an old Hollywood glam look! Although Ke$ha showed her rock n’ roll spirit with a decorative ear piece, she even kept her makeup subtle, opting for classic liquid liner in black, faux eyelashes and a hint of pink blush. We definitely approve!

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Photo Courtesy of: Startraks

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