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How To Make Your Tan Last All Winter

The last hint of your summer tan is likely fading away, but you can still save that glow before its too late and your skin turns to a pale winter shade. Whether you are heading on vacation and want to maximize your tropical getaway glow through the cold months, or just want to add an extra glow to your winter skin, we have the tips you need. Remember, too bronzed skin is a no-no in winter, but that doesn’t mean a bit of a glow doesn’t go a long way.

1. Use tan extender after a sunny tropical getaway, to replace lost moisture and keep skin glowing and dewy as long as possible without flaking or peeling. Bella Bronze’s Tan Extender contains olive oil, shea butter and other emollient ingredients.

2. A great moisturizing oil gel cuts through dull, dead skin to reveal the deep, healthy glow underneath. We swear by Vaseline Intensive Care Vitalizing Gel Body Oil to illuminate from within for sexy skin.

3. Self-tanning? Use a body scrub to slough off dead- and dull skin, smooth the skin pre-self tan and extend the life of a faux tan. Try Radial Brazilian Body Scrub.

4. Tan towelettes are one of the most simple, foolproof self-tan methods. Follow your scrub with a great self tanning product like these by Tan Towel to get a quick glow without any fuss.

5. A subtle bronzer is your best bet for a glow all winter long. Since its nearly winter and your skin is likely a few shades lighter than usual, we recommend a light golden bronzer rather than a deep bronze. Opt for matte or semi-matte, as shimmer screams summer. A subtle glow is a better way to show off winter’s makeup trends like deep red lips and cat-eye liner. Try Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Matte Bronzer.

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