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How Adriana Lima Lost The Baby Weight In 8 Weeks

Adriana Lima was definitely the star at last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York. The mother of two just gave birth to her second child two months ago, but the Victoria’s Secret Angel was bound and determined to get in shape for the what is arguably the most talked about fashion show of the year. Just a couple of days ago, Adriana took to Twitter to post a picture of herself sweating after an intense training session. “My last workout,” she tweeted. Is it fair that Adriana’s sweaty Twitter photo looks like it could easily be a stunning advertising campaign?

Adriana has been working with her trainer Michael Olajide Jr. to lose all her baby weight so that she’d look as stunning as she did last night in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She has been working with Michael twice a day, seven days a week. That’s right. This Angel took absolutely no days off her from strenuous workout plan leading up to the fashion show. And we don’t really blame her. Imagine all the pressure she was under knowing she’d be sharing the runway with Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge, two other Victoria’s Secret Angels who also gave birth in 2012? Throw in the fact that Miranda Kerr is also a mom to son Flynn, and we can only imagine that Adriana felt the pressure to show that she too has superhuman powers to get in shape after having a baby like her supermodel friends. Hey, Heidi Klum set the bar high!

When asked what kind of exercises he’s been getting Adriana to do, Michael told Celebuzz: “Boxing. But not just simple punching, complex combinations that require her to execute a series of drills at a high rate of speed and power. This keeps her mind sharp and involved. There’s also jump rope. That’s also an intense all over body workout that torches an immense amount of calories. But again, this isn’t jump rope you see in the playground. This is athletic/boxer styled jump rope and then some.”

Although Adriana’s model friend Lily Aldridge prefers Pilates while Miranda Kerr stays in shape doing yoga in the morning, Adriana loves the adrenaline rush of the boxing ring. She’s been sharing photos of herself after her intense workouts leading up to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Adriana’s workout plan definitely paid off. She stunned everyone with her perfectly toned tummy and svelte upper body and legs. We didn’t think anyone could wow us as much as Heidi Klum did back in 2009 when she hit the Victoria’s Secret runway just five weeks after giving birth, but it looks like Adriana Lima just raised the bar.

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Photos Courtest of: Starttraks and Twitter

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