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Chanel Releases Never Before Seen Marilyn Monroe Footage

Just today, Chanel released unseen video footage and voice recordings of Marilyn Monroe talking about her love of one of the most famous fragrances in the world: Chanel No. 5. If you ever had any doubt that Marilyn was as witty as many people say she was, this video will remind you that Marilyn was far more clever than some critics give her credit for. When asked what she wears to bed by a reporter, Marilyn simply responds: “Chanel No. 5.”

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We have to wonder if Chanel semi-regrets giving Brad Pitt a multi-million dollar deal to star in Chanel No. 5’s latest ad campaign when this fottage of Marilyn expressing her love for the fragrance will definitely rekindle any woman’s love affair with the classis Chanel fragrance. Check it out for yourself below!

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Photo Courtesy of: YouTube

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