5 Winter Beauty Trends Worthy Of Anna Karenina

Photo by Laurie Sparham – © 2012 - Focus Features

Keira Knightley doesn’t need much help in the beauty department, we know. But as Anna Karenina in the upcoming blockbuster film adaptation, Keira’s naturally gorgeous face will look more radiant than ever as she calls on one of winter’s biggest makeup trends by going nearly bare-faced. Want to know how to get Anna Karenina’s flawless beauty for yourself? These five trends from the fall/winter runways are all you need to evoke Keira K as Anna K.

1. Natural, thick brows. As models on the runway for Christian Dior FW12 proved, less is never more when it comes to brows. Avoid temptation to tweeze this season, instead opting to keep brows brushed upwards neatly with brow gel. Your arches can imitate thickness with a heavy dose of brow powder a shade lighter than they already are.

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2. Mascara-free eyes may seem scary at first, but they were all the rage on runways for this season. By rimming bare eyes with a feather-light dusting of brown, taupe, fawn or bronze shadow, you’ll evoke Anna Karenina’s look, as seen here at Calvin Klein Collection.

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3. Hair Accessories and headpieces add to the decadent nineteenth-century Russia aesthetic in Anna Karenina, and they did much the same on runways. We can see Anna in a headpiece like this Oscar De La Renta one, can’t you? Try an embellished band or jewelled clip to nab the trend at home.

4. A Rosy Flush makes anyone look like they just came in from the cold, and Keira Knightley’s made this look work for her in real life and in the film. We also loved the just-in-from-the-cold rosy cheeks at Dolce & Gabbana, and you can steal the look with a pale pink powder blush, highlighter, and a giant fluffy brush.

5. Chiseled Cheekbones are a signature Keira Knightley trait, and hers lent to the intrigue of Anna Karenina in the film. Contouring, as at Diane Von Furstenburg, is one of our favourite ways to play with makeup this season without being overly made up or bronzed. Start with a pristine complexion (we can’t all be porcelain, but pale, flawless skin is the goal) and use a soft tawny blush to apply colour into cheek hollows. Don’t have such things? Make a fish face — see, there they are!

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