Top Winter Nail Polish Colours

We have had lots of time to test out the fall and winter nail polish collections and have come up with our list of the top nail polish hues for every cold weather occasion. See our favourite winter nail polish colours now!

The Neutrals

Sometimes you want neutral nails. Choosing a neutral hue doesn’t have to be boring. There are shelves full of grey and beige tones this season to show the new neutrals:

OPI’s ‘Dont’ Pretzel My Buttons’ – This nude beige is a cool skin tone making your nails seem practically invisible. It offers an interesting effect and is perfect for a conservative office. On darker skin tones, it will make for a great pop too.

Nars’ ‘Storm Bird’  – While this great is quite dark, it is still a neutral hue that will match almost any outfit. This is out favourite grey of the season! You can see us sporting this grey nail polish on any given day.

Avon ‘Street Beige’ – This affordable polish from Avon has a pale beige hue for those wanting something very light.

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The Jewel Tones

Classic jewel tones are always a favourite for nails. These vibrant shades add a sometimes much needed pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. If you want your nails to match your sunny personality pick one of these jewel tone nail polishes:

OPI’s orange-y ‘Deutsche You Want Me Baby’ – This rich metallic burnt orange nail polish is an alternate from the typical red with the same big burst of colour.

Zoya’s ‘Rekha’ red – If classic red nail polish is for you, it doesn’t get much better than this rich hue that offers a true red.

Lancôme Vernis in Love in Infusion De Prune – This chic purple shade is just different enough from your traditional purple hues to catch our eye and heart.

OPI’s ‘Unfor-greta-bly blue’ – This dark metallic blue has a cool denim finish that is great for weekend wear this winter.

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The Metallics

With the holiday season just around the corner, the time for metallic nails is now! You don’t have to wait to holiday collection to get shiny nails because this year metallic hues are always acceptable. Shine on with these nail polishes:

Zoya’s purple gold ‘Daul’ – Even if you aren’t big on metallic colours this purple nails polish with gold flecks is going to make you want to shimmer. This is our favourite metallic polish of the winter because while it works for the holidays, we can wear it all season long.

CND’s ‘Silver Chrome’ – This shimmering silver nail polish is so cool, you are going to want to wear it all season.

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The Sultry

One of the biggest beauty trends of the winter will be dark and sultry shades on your nails. Deep purples, rich reds, dark browns and dusty greys are our latest obsession to getting the perfect look for the winter:

Zoya’s dusty blue grey ‘Natty’ – Slide on this dusty grey tone for a rich blue that will make you dream of long dark nights.

Tom Ford’s purple ‘Dominatrix’ – The name says it all here with this sultry dark purple nail polish from Tom Ford. We can get enough of this sexy shade.

OPI’s deep red ‘German-icure by OPI’ – This dark red nail polish is the definition of sultry. This vixen polish is perfect for a romantic night out!

Yves Rocher’s Brun Noir – While brown may not be your first go to nail polish colour, you will be pleasantly surprised by this shade. It’s a neutral alternative when you are looking for something just a bit darker.

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