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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Extensions can be a perfect alternative to growing out hair which may develop tangles, frizz or split ends on the journey to great lengths. With many salons and beauty brands offering the service along with a wide range of extension styles, it may be hard to know which route to take with your new look. Here’s a guide to the differences and some tips on ensuring your new extensions look every bit as natural as you had hoped.

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Synthetic versus Human Hair: Clip-in extensions are available in both styles, with human hair (real) extensions usually higher in price due to their natural texture and easily styled nature. Human hair also tends to last longer (up to a year), whereas the less authentic synthetic strands are usually good for anywhere from one to three months. While human hair can be dyed, straightened, curled, or blow dried, synthetic hair will become damaged if exposed to heat styling or colour.

Styles: If you’re thinking of adding colour to your hair, but aren’t sure of making a major change to your look, clip-in colourful highlights are perfect! Often synthetic, these streaks always come out at the end of the day, are available in every shade from vibrant violet to aqua blue, and are a great addition to your hairstyle for a fun night out. For the more traditional fashionista aiming for a classic look, try a hairpiece such as a curled updo, sleek bun, or French twist in a colour similar to your own locks.

Your ‘weft’ bet: Extensions exist with the help of wefts (a curtain of synthetic or natural hair added to the hairpiece to produce the desired look), which create volume and style. Wefted extensions can be applied at home, or with the help of a professional stylist. They are either woven in, bonded (attached with an adhesive which may be more damaging!), or discretely clipped in.

Care: If you’re investing in extensions which tend to be pricey, you’ll want to make sure they last for as long as possible while looking the way naturally grown and healthy hair would. Products such as BeautiMark’s Pure Care System for either human or synthetic extensions will help you maintain a shining glow for weeks to come!

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