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Nina Dobrev’s Beauty Secrets

From her thick brown hair to her perfect skin, The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev has the kind of natural good looks that make us wonder how she manages to always look so fresh and fabulous despite her long days on set. After all, she’s one of the hardest working actors on the series playing two characters, Elena Gilbert and Katharine Pierce. When she’s not filming the hit CW series, she’s lending her talents to the big screen. Nina stars in this Friday’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower opposite Emma Watson. How does she do it? Here are some of Nina Dobrev’s beauty secrets.

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Switch up your skincare products
“My philosophy is that your skin gets used to products a lot. So I switch them out every two weeks, usually,” Nina told “My two favorites that I’ve found that really work well for me are Philosophy’s When Hope Is Not Enough. I use their entire line, from the cream, to the nighttime moisturizer to the SPF, body cream, to the body scrub. I love When Hope Is Not Enough because I have really dry skin, and when you’re on set and you wear makeup a lot, it really helps a lot and works really well, I find. But then also, I have dark circles because I don’t sleep a lot because I’m on a vampire show. (laughs) I’ve tried a lot of different things, and the one that I’ve found that made the biggest difference and really minimized the dark circles is Jan Marini. She just started making all kinds of face washes and she has this one called Factor-A Eyes for Dark Circles, and every night before I go to bed I put it on and in the morning I notice a difference. I also use the Clarisonic brush once a week. I’m religious about washing my face after work and getting the makeup off.”

Don’t wash your hair every day
I’m very anal about my hair,” The Vampire Diaries star confessed to “When I first got my job on the show, my mom told me, ‘We know they need your hair for today, you need it for life. You can’t let them sizzle it off.’” Nina only washes her hair three times a week and uses either a Keratin treatment, Softa Treatment by Unite, or a hair mask by MoroccanOil to deep condition her hair every third wash. “Sometimes I put the hair mask on and a shower cap on top and drive like that to work,” Nina added to “I look like an old lady! It’s been a dream of mine to be a L’Oreal or Pantene girl. That’s why I’m keeping it healthy —and long — until they ask me. That’s my incentive.”

Zen out and get fit with yoga
“I do a lot of yoga,” Dobrev told Seventeen. Not only does Nina believe that hot yoga helps clean her pores, she also counts on it as a way to stay fit and balanced. “I practice yoga three or four times a week. It’s an escape for me… I could be a yoga instructor. I’m not certified, but I could do it. Once I did a class where the instructor didn’t show up, and I just went to the front and did it, and everyone followed. So I’ve done it before, and I love it.”

Balance healthy food with the odd indulgence
“I try to eat healthy,” Nina told Teen Vogue. “I like to drink my kombucha, I like smoothies, and I genuinely love oatmeal because it reminds me of childhood. But having chocolate or cake makes me happy too.”

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Photo Courtesy of: The CW

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