Expert Tips for Applying Blush and Bronzer

Celebrity makeup artist Susan Posnick has been sharing her expert tricks with Real Style on how to get the hottest looks for fall. With all of the rosy glowing cheeks seen on the runways, we wanted to know how to get the right blush and bronzer for our skin and make sure that we are applying it right.

How should women choose the right shade of blush for their skin tone?

If you have yellow or golden undertones to your skin, choose blush colors that are also yellow based.
Corals, burnished coppers, peach- pinks, brown -reds, burgundies, all work well

If you have pink undertones choose blush colors with a blue base to them. Think mulberry, raspberry, peony pink.

What are your tips for applying blush properly?

I like to use a warmer color of blush ( or bronzer) just under the cheekbone blending onto the cheek. I also like to add a touch of color to the forehead and chin to shape the face. I then like to add a brighter blush onto the lower part of the apple of the cheek to bring a natural flush of color.

How should you apply a bronzer?

A bronzer is used to add warmth to the face and can be lightly dusted all over or used in place of a blusher. It can also be used for subtle shaping of the face. When using it to shape the face, apply it under the cheekbone and onto the cheek for definition, apply it just under the jawline and onto the neck to make the jawline appear stronger. Lightly dust it onto the temples and onto the nose.

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