Criminal Minds Star AJ Cook Shares Her Beauty Faves

Criminal Minds beauty AJ Cook doesn’t get a big chance to dazzle as sensible FBI agent JJ on television, but when Real Style Network had a chance to sit with her during a recent trip to Toronto she admitted she loves to dress up. AJ says she has a more casual style and loves the natural look. See AJ Cook’s five favourite beauty products now!

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1. I am a big Murad nut. Their serum is great, their moisturizer, and their face wash. It’s all great.

2. I love Lucas Papaw Remedies ointment. I put it on my lips and you can only get it in Australia. Mine is always all gone, so I am squeezing it out.

3. I do love the Clarisonic. I am all about getting that skin clear.

4. I live at the beach. I am a beach bum. I love salt spray. I am super no fuss, no maintenance. I have to wear this for my job, but when I am not working I am super minimal. I love a good salt spray.

5. If I wear any makeup at all, I love Diorshow mascara. I used to get made fun of when I was a kid for my long eyelashes. I was a dancer and they used to pull feathers off of their costumes and put them on their eyes and say ‘oh I’m AJ.’ I am really blonde, so when I don’t have mascara on, you can’t tell how long they are. My son’s are darker and long and so beautiful.