How-To Summer Ombré Nails

This summer is all about having fun with your nails and experimenting with bold colours and daring trends. Ditch the boring French manicure this season and try out this cool ombré effect. Whether you’re going for a subtler fade or a more vibrant colour palette, here is how to create this hot nail art trend without the help of a nail professional.

Here is what you will need:
• Two different shades of nail polish (we love a tropical coral fade for the summer!)
• Clean makeup sponge
• Basecoat
• Topcoat

1. Start by applying your basecoat and let it dry
2. Apply the shade that you want to show at the base of your nail, towards the cuticle, over the entire nail
3. Lightly apply your second polish onto your makeup sponge (Put a glob of the polish onto a plate and lightly press the sponge into the polish)
4. Begin lightly dabbing on the colour in quick short strokes, starting at the tip of your nail and slightly working your way towards the middle of the nail (it is important to concentrate the most colour at the tip of your nail)
5. Repeat this for each nail until you are satisfied with the fade that you have created
6. Set with topcoat
7. Show off your professional looking manicure to all your friends!

Check out this tutorial for an example of how to create this look
[youtube rScALwk6OU8]

More Ideas:
• When you become really skilled at this technique, try using three colours instead of two
• Use glitter polish on the tips instead of a colour
• Apply tape around your nails to avoid getting the polish on our skin— when you are finished painting your nails simply remove the tape and you will have a clean manicure!

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