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Beauty Review: Fructis Style Pure Clean Smoothing Cream

Garnier is helping the world one hairstyle at a time with their new Pure Clean line of eco-friendly hair products. This new Smoothing Cream is meant to control 98% of frizz for smooth hair all day long. We put it to the test on the first warm days of summer to see how it held up.

THE HYPE: Long lasting frizz protection that is also good to the Earth. This makes everyone smile!

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THE TEST: The first humid days of summer and our frizzy hair vs. Garnier’s cream.

THE VERDICT: After being so disappointed with the Pure Clean Shampoo and Conditioner, we were understandably fearful of trying this cream on our hair. It had only just recovered from the beating their two-in-one had done to us. We held our breath and applied the Smoothing Cream to our frizzy locks. If you have ever used on of Fructis’ other smoothing or frizz fighting creams you probably know what to expect from this new product. It does a good job at keep our hair in place, but it’s no miracle product. Garnier’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream has been one of our must-have hair products for a long time and this new cream from the company does nearly as good, but doesn’t do anything over a long time. The Smoothing Cream seems to last for a few hours, but by the end of the day, our frizz has returned in full force. If you want frizz protection for an event or short day out, the Smoothing Cream is great. It doesn’t have a strong smell or make your hair crunchy or hard. It allows your hair to look naturally beautiful. If you want something heavy duty though, Garnier has better products in their catalogue.

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