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Beauty Review: Vichy Normaderm Skin Care

If you are suffering from blemishes and acne, Vichy’s Normaderm skin care line promises to transform your skin back to it’s beautiful beginnings. We tested Vichy’s Cleansing Gel and Mattifying Lotion to see if it could make our skin glow again.

THE HYPE: Show the world your best face with this new line that includes the exfoliating cleansing gel and dry finish skin care lotion. It’s all made with your skin’s problems in mind.

THE TEST: Replace our old acne wash with Vichy Normaderm.

THE VERDICT: If you want real results that you can see you have to get Vichy’s Normaderm face wash. With many acne fighting skin care lines, you don’t really see results quickly, but after one use our skin looks better. We thought maybe it was a fluke, but when we stopped using it for a few days and our skin problems returned we knew we had Vichy to thank for our fresher looking face. The cleansing gel is a soft exfoliator meaning you aren’t just getting an acne fighter, but also a deeper clean. This means your face will appear fresher no matter what.

The Mattifying Lotion is also a great product, but this is only for people who really need it. If you suffer from oily skin, this lotion will help to keep your face dry. If you don’t have an oily face, you may not want to risk it because this lotion is so strong it has a tendency to dry you out. It does stop shine and gives you a perfect matte palette all day long. With continued use you face will become less oily naturally.

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