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3 Beauty & Body Treatments To Treat Mom This Mother’s Day

Moms deserve to feel pampered and beautiful, and we know spa treatments are always a go-to gift for Mother’s Day. So we’ve put together a list of three fabulous, spoil-her-rotten head to toe beauty and body treatments to give mom this Sunday. Celebrate all that you love about the special woman who has touched you with her beauty and brilliance.

1. Oxygen Facial: Give Mom an oxygen facial– after all, she gave you life and likely breathed every breath for you for many years. Oxygen facials can plump the skin and sooth the face immediately, and this is a good one for a mom on the go since their are no telltale red splotches left behind. The process gives the skin a smooth and moisturized surface using pressured oxygen and anti-aging serum to give youth to mom’s skin. (Mom of three Madonna loves these).

2. Green Tea Body Slimming Wrap: Nothing beats that cup of tea with mom, except maybe this body treatment. Mom will love the slimming power of concentrated green tea. These treatments are anti-aging, moisturizing, re-mineralizing and energy boosting. Caffeine stimulates nerves, while improving blood circulation for refreshed skin. Mom will appreciate feeling radiant and new after this tea-time treatment.

3. Aroma Stone Pedicure: For the hard-working and active mom, a foot treatment like a hot stone pedicure is the best gift to show mom that although you can’t walk a mile in her shoes, you care for her from head to toe. In this relaxing, therapeutic and sweet-smelling spin on a traditional pedicure, warm stones are used to soothe and relax the feet and legs with calming massage. Treat mom’s feet and she’ll thank you for the soothing “ahhh’s”.

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