Freeze 24-7 Botox In A Jar Latest Miracle Product

Freeze 24-7’s wrinkle treatment, which is nicknamed Botox in a jar, is causing a craze in the US and soon in the UK with women wanting to look younger without surgery. The Freeze 24-7 line sold $200,000 on its first day in America. According to the Daily Mail, hundreds of people have preordered the product in the UK.

It is Freeze 24-7’s Instant Target Wrinkle Treatment that has shoppers rushing out to get this line now. It’s been proven to reduce lines and wrinkles in minutes without needles or surgery. Lab tests showed a 90% reduction in lines in just 10 minutes. Even if you stop using the product your lines are said to come back less noticeable.

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The secret to the products is the herb Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, which has “magical” anti-aging properties. It also contains natural muscle relaxants which smooth your muscles and skin and anti-oxidants.

You can buy the treatment online now for $65 for 10 g to test out this new miracle product for yourself.

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