Courtney Robertson Makeup From The Bachelor After The Final Rose

Courtney Robertson was the expected winner in the Ben Flanjik Bachelor season. The very controversial Courtney, behaved badly on the show and got ripped apart by the media. Anyone who watched After The Final Rose last night, can say one thing, Courtney maybe flawed, but there is no denying her stunning beauty and her love for her fiancé Ben Flajnik.

Copy Courtney’s After The Final Rose look by starting with a base bronzer to get that sunny glow. Use a bronzer that is sure to get an even tone, so you can pretend you just got back from the islands. Next highlight your cheeks like Courtney with a rich blush, like Nars’ long lasting powder. Keep your lips neutral with Stila’s plumping gloss to ensure your eyes are the focus.

Courtney highlighted her eyes by layering a number of hues. Start with a gold shimmering base along your entire lid to shine in the spotlight. Then get Courtney’s smoky eye by mixing light and dark silver greys with a hint of shimmer like this duet of shadow from POP Beauty. Finally define your eyes with a dark liner like the No Place To Run Longwear. Click on the image below to shop this look and be ready for your close up too!

Shop the Look
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