Brighten Up By Copying Katy Perry’s Makeup

If there is one diva who knows how to make a colour statement, it’s Katy Perry! The blue haired beauty maven uses colour in everything from her cute clothes to her bold beauty choices. Even if you aren’t brave enough to take the leap by copying Katy’s aqua-hued hair, you can still embody her colourful Spring makeup in a few easy steps.

Katy’s fresh face is always radiant, so use a high quality foundation that will make you glow. Nars’ new Pure Radiant Moisturizer is a light option that offers full coverage and brightens your natural shine. Complete your fresh face with a very light pink blush along your cheeks for Katy’s girly flush.

Since you are highlighting your eyes in this look, Katy has followed our advice and kept her lips very neutral. Get a moisturizing lipstick, like our Revlon Lustrous Lipcolor, in a nude beige.

Finally focus on your eyes to make them the center of attention. Start with a bright shade of blue eye. We’ve chosen the Milani shadow palette to allow you to pick the perfect hue for your skin tone and the occasion. Katy has gone with a bright pastel, but you could go a shade darker for the evening. Apply the shadow all around your eyes, including under your eyes. Next apply a thin line of black eye liner. Again go all around your eyes for the full effect. Finally try out Maybelline XXL Pro Mascara for those intensely long lashes that you can bat at all the boys.

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[Photo via Startraks]

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