Best Food For Weight Loss

There are many superfoods on the market claiming to do everything from make you healthier to help you look younger. When we think of our diet, we’re often thinking about how we can eat better to lose weight. Health has gathered the top superfoods to help you lose weight. Here are our faves:

Black beans – Lots of protein and no saturated fats.

Oats – Our resident healthy eater is always munching down on oatmeal, which makes you feel full longer (to stop snacking) and helps to boost your metabolism.

Avocado – These delicious fruits contain the good fats that your body needs, so that you can skip out on all of those bad fats.

Salmon – Swap your steak with this leaner meat that is full of good fats.

Blueberries – Low in calories, big in taste and full of anti-oxidants! What more could you ask for?

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Broccoli – While it’s probably not on many favourite food lists, this furry veggie is low in calories and high in fiber.

Pears – The skin on just one pear contains 15% of your daily recommended fiber.

Grapefruit – Your morning snack actually lowers insulin, so that you don’t store as much fat and lose weight easier.

Green Tea – The anti-oxidants in green tea helps you burn fat and calories.

Potatoes – You probably don’t believe it, but if eaten in proportion potatoes can be healthy. They are high in carbs, but also very filling and help your body burn fat. Just don’t load up on potato chips and French fries.

See all of the top foods for weight loss on Health.

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