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Beauty Review: Zoya Gems & Jewels Holiday Nail Polish

The holiday season allows ladies to brighten up their look and test out some bolder nail polish shade than they might during the rest of the year. Zoya is hoping to help you make a statement with their Gems & Jewels Holiday Nail Polish Collection featuring glitzy metallic shades and sparkles for your nails. We test out these holiday nail polishes to see if they will be our statement look this season.

THE HYPE: This set of 6 holiday nail polishes has been created for maximum sparkle with 3 metallic polishes and 3 glitter topcoats.

THE TEST: Paint on a coat to see if we get in the holiday spirit.

THE VERDICT: These nail polishes are definitely made for the season. It’s hard not to get into the spirit when you are wearing the oh so seasonal metallic shades of Holly, Izzy and Noel. These metallic nail polishes are very bold and bright. They just feel like Christmas when you put them on. While glitter nail polish isn’t necessarily our thing, you can just imagine how holly and jolly you feel when you then go and add the same colours in glitter formation. While the metallics feel like Christmas, the glitter shades are most definitely New Year’s. There is so much fun packed into these little polishes, we can’t wait for the holidays to get here. Which may be the only downfall of these Christmas nail polishes. They are so seasonal, that you might look silly wearing them outside of the holiday party. We will have to find more excuses to get into the holiday season from now on.

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