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Beauty Review: Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

Herbal Essences wants to get your hair in line before New Year’s Eve with promises of touchably smooth hair thanks to this shampoo and conditioner combo. This pink bottle includes a serum meant to tame wild hair and get it smoother in just one shower. They guarantee it. We took home this hair care line to see if it can actually tame our wild curls in time for our big New Year’s Eve party.

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THE HYPE: Tame your wild hair with Herbal Essence’s Smoothing shampoo and conditioner combination.

THE TEST: Try to get tame hair before the ball drops on NYE.

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THE VERDICT: We have been fans of the Herbal Essence hair care product for some time. We appreciate that each coloured bottle has qualities made for your specific hair needs. We’ve tried many different colours over the year, but so far the pink Touchably Smooth shampoo and conditioner is our favourite. We didn’t expect much from the promises of a silky smooth finish. Many other products have the same claims, but require a lot of work to get results. Boy, were we surprised when our hair dried into manageable naturally smooth waves. It almost eradicated our need for smoothing cream and finishing serums that fill our cupboards. If your hair needs taming Touchably Smooth is your way to go.

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