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Makeup Tips For Freckled Faces

Ladies with freckles have an even more difficult time choosing the right makeup products for their skin than the rest of us. There is always a battle between hiding your freckles and accentuating them and the balance of doing it properly.  Here are some makeup tips to help take the guess work out, so you can embrace your freckles.

–          Make sure you always wear sunscreen! If you have freckles you know that exposure to the sun can make them darker and multiply. The sun effects your skin more than most, so protect it well.

–          Choose a sheer or tinted foundation to allow your freckles to be seen, but also even your skin tone.

–          If you want to cover up some freckles use a high quality light concealer. Cover your freckles with a light hand or else your makeup will look cakey and thick.

–          Skip pink, shimmer or glitter blushes that will make your face look overdone.

–          Opt for neutral bronzers or light blushes to give your cheeks a hint of colour. A sunkissed look is better to warm a freckled face.

–          Avoid pink and red lipsticks. Brown, plum and nude will work best with freckled skin tones.

–          Don’t use shades on your eyes that match the colour of your freckles – thick generally means neutral brown shades are out. Use black or coloured eye liners and colours that help emphasize your eye colour.

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