Lauren Conrad Tie Dye’s Hair

Hair trend alert: The next big hair trend has been discovered via Lauren Conrad’s beauty blog –¬†multi-coloured tie dye hair.

Lauren Conrad asked her fans for advice for a new style and her innovative followers suggested this look, which came out absolutely amazing thanks to her stylist Kristin. They used four shades (a light blue, dark blue, light pink and dark pink) to get the multi-coloured tips on her hair. There is actually a step by step instruction on her site, thebeautydepartment, to tell you how you and your friends can get this look at home. You will need some help and a few tools, but it can be done. Don’t fret though because the look uses temporary dyes, so it’s not permanent.

We can definitely see this being the new red carpet trend amongst young Hollywood. We can picture Blake Lively, Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera all putting their own spin on this hairstyle. If Lady Gaga hears about this new technique we can only imagine what she will do.

[Photo via thebeautydepartment]

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